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    Clear Grammar 1, 2nd edition: Keys to Grammar for English Language Learners ... Possessive adjectives have no singular or plural. ... Do Online Exercise 2.1.
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    GRAMMAR WORKSHEET. POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES. What's my your his her its our their name? What's = What is. This is house. ○ Fill in the blanks below to ...
    GRAMMAR QUIZ. POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES & PRONOUNS. SUBJECT & OBJECT PRONOUNS. ○ Complete these sixteen sentences to score your ...
  • - Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives. - Language worksheets
    Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives. Exercises. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Where are (you) ______ friends now? 2.
  • - Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns - Bank Street
    These words are called possessive adjectives: my, his, her, its, our, your, their. (There is ... An Elementary Grammar Worksheet from Anna Grammar™. I —> my ...
  • - Possessive Pronouns - EnglishForEveryone.org
    A possessive pronoun is a word that takes the place of names of someone or ... In this exercise, what are sometimes referred to as “Possessive Adjectives” fall.
    SUBJECT PRONOUNS & POSSESSIVE. ADJECTIVES. & POSSESSIVE '-s'. Subject. Pronouns. Possessive. Adjectives. I. My. You. Your. He. His. She. Her. It. Its.
  • - Exercise 1 - Azar Grammar
    Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use. Worksheet 5. Possessive adjectives: Family relationships. Here are informal words people in families use for ...
  • - Using Possessive Adjectives
    Worksheet: translation, using possessive adjectives, tu and tú, error correction. • Activity ... To say “your” in a familiar way, use tu (singular) or tus (plural). tu pulpo ...
  • - Possessive nouns
    Super Teacher Worksheets - www.superteacherworksheets.com ... Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns ... Worksheet Possessive Nouns in Sentences. (Works ...
  • - Grammar videos: Personal pronouns and possessives – exercises
    Check your grammar: multiple choice – personal pronouns and possessives. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences. 1. Could you / her / your take a ...
  • - Possessive pronouns and adjectives exercise - English Grammar
    Possessive pronouns and adjectives exercise www.englishgrammar.org. Fill in the blanks with possessive pronouns or adjectives. 1. That policeman is a friend ...
    Choose whether each sentence requires a possessive adjective or a possessive pronoun: EX: That car is not his. It's mine. (possessive pronoun). OR That's my ...
  • - 3rd Grade Grammar - THE STUDENTS' CENTER FOR LEARNING ...
    Great Grammar: Adjectives that Compare. Irregular Verbs Worksheet. Great Grammar: Possessive Pronouns. Great Grammar: Compound Sentences.
  • - Friends and family
    2A. 2A: Grammar i be i Possessive adjectives i Possessive 's i Yes / No questions i Wh- questions. Grammar. 5a Look again at exercise 3. Copy and complete.
  • - Pronouns (Personal, Possessive, Relative and ... - cloudfront.net
    Pronouns subject form object form possessive adjective possessive pronoun. I me my mine ... http://www.ego4u.com/en/cramup/grammar/pronouns/exercises.
  • - Possessive Contraction Pronoun Adverb it + is = it's its you + are = you ...
    _. Contraction or Possessive Pronoun? I . Possessive. Contraction. Pronoun. Adverb it + is = it's .... grammar. (Ipoint each). 1. Lola felt real sick after the game last night. 2. The teacher said ... I did really good on the last quiz,. 5. We should not ...
  • - PossessIve ADJECTIVES worksheet - Englishwsheets.com
    PossessIve ADJECTIVES worksheet. Fill in the blanks with the possessive adjectives "his,her,their" to complete the sentences. 1. Isabella is looking after ______ ...
  • - Demonstratives and Possessives
    42 Unit 4 Demonstratives and Possessives. Grammar Application. Exercise 2.1 Demonstratives with Singular and Plural Nouns. Help Margo describe her office.
  • - Pronouns (Subject, Object, Possessive ... - yoquieroaprobar.es
    Finally, practice by doing the exercises. Pronouns and Possessive Forms. Subject Pronouns. Object Pronouns. Possessive Adjectives. Possessive Pronouns.
  • - Starter Unit - Macmillan English
    Grammar. Possessive adjectives, What's the time? ... Grammar Plural nouns, this/that,these/those, Question: How old …? ... 7 This exercise is.
  • - English grammar: using possessive pronouns - Lingoda
    Using possessive pronouns. GRAMMAR. Beginner. A2_2057G_EN. English. LEVEL. NUMBER ... We use possessive pronouns and determiners to say that something belongs to you. This is my dog. The dog is .... Exercise p.8 they/theirs, it/it, ...
  • - STARTER UNIT Subject and object pronouns and possessive ...
    1 Complete the object pronouns and possessive adjectives in the table. Subject .... 2 Complete the text with nine of the verbs from exercise 1 in the correct form. ..... 6 1 what. 2 spell. 3 Put. 4 Don't. 5 How. Unit 1. Grammar. Present simple: be.
  • - Nominal and modifiers B2 - FCC
    TELL ME MORE® grammar-vocabulary workbooks gather most the grammar and vocabulary explanations ...... Possessive pronouns – Exercise – Word order.
  • - Classroom Activity - Cambridge English
    TKT Module 1: Describing language: Grammar – Teacher's Notes. Description ... Hand out Participant's worksheet 1 to pairs of participants. The words .... 14. standing verb intransitive verb. 15. my adjective possessive adjective. 16. saw verb.
  • - Possessive adjectives - Linguahouse
    Possessive adjectives (My, your, his ...) ... 1 Grammar - Possessive adjectives ... You can review this worksheet online at www.linguahouse.com/ex. 1/2.
  • - possessive adjectives - CU Denver
    Possessive adjectives are the possessive forms of the personal pronouns. ... (based on the accompanying noun) masculine feminine neuter plural nominative. Ø.
  • - Grammar Starter Teacher's Guide
    Online teacher's resources, including worksheets, tests and ... answer key for student's book, worksheets and ..... singular then plural possessive adjectives.
  • - 4Possession Object Pronouns Questions About the Subject
    2. We use the same possessive form for singular and plural nouns: her brothers (not: hers brother). EXERCISE 5 Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive ...
  • - Student's Book - Pearson English
    Grammar. Verb to be: singular. Subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, it. Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its .... Copy the form in Exercise 2.

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